Hello ♡ I hope everyone is feeling super nice ♡
In this article, I decided to spread some positivity as we (teenagers) are the lowest confident people in this universe. So these are some reasons you should be glad you exist ♡

➳ Family, friends.
They might not show it often but you know by their actions that your family needs you and loves you endlessly. If you have chosen the right friends then your life is full and complete. Congratulations. We all tend to argue sometimes but imagine life without arguments. How dull?! Right?

As cliche as this is you are unique. Yeah, a lot of people look like you but they are not you. You can do something perfectly that others can't do. Me par example I can sleep for twelve hours straight :O. Okay besides the jokes I can somehow draw good. If you think you are useless well get ready to be slapped by me so you won't feel useless but hurt. :D

➳There is no ugly
Of course, there is no such thing as an ugly person rather than an ugly soul. Okay, I am being really cliche now but come on! You are beautiful you don't need other people to tell you otherwise believe in yourself. Except if you are like a rapist or a criminal then ehhhhh... work on it?

You hadn't reached puberty people there is a possible change for you! Don't forget you are growing till 21 so don't worry. On the other hand, if you are over 21 then ummmm YOU ARE UNIQUE ♥

I have never encountered a person that hates music and doesn't calm down when listens to their favorite songs. Imagine a long day at work/school and then going home listening to your favorite song as a reward that you made it.

Maybe it's just me or maybe not (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I know this is just an article and won't absorb the sadness that overwhelms you but I decided writing that because I always feel like I am not enough or question myself why am I even here.

✘✘ Dimitra ✘✘