When you first see someone , with their nice clothes and gorgeous smile , magical perfume , and that perfect attitude , you might think you are never gonna be that perfect , you are never gonna be with someone like that because you know , they are way too perfect ..but when time comes , and chances happen to be with someone who you think is "perfect" , you get close to them , you learn something new about them everyday , with time you will realize this person is not perfect at all , he or she has a lot of flaws , a lot of mistakes , and kind of what we call "imperfect" , somehow after that the person you've met is not the one to blame , it's your idea of them , the idea of being perfect , you'll realize for the first time in your life that even those that you adore , are not perfect , no one actually is , and you'll understand , neither you are , you stand on the top, you are not perfect. you are human.