I don't think you could imagine how excited I am to be writing my first we heart it article!!

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Since I've been using it, 3 years are not a short period of time, i've always wanted to have something like a blog on the app. And here it is!

I am using too many exclamation marks I know, but I really mean them!

So I began my first article with nonsense. Awesome.

Anyway now I will introduce myself in a short 10-point list:

  • My name is Anna-Mariya
  • I am 15 years old
  • I am a girl (shock! :O)
  • I am a Bulgarian (I'll write an article for the country soon)
  • English is my second language so don't judje me :P
  • If I have to describe myself with 3 words they would be a dreamer, a thinker and a perfectionist :)
  • I like mostly pop, R&B and rap music
  • My favourite book is The Hunger Games <3
  • The thing I love most about myself is that I am an hopeful person and I feel that every person including me is super special :)
  • The thing I hate most about myself is that I have a low self esteem but I am getting better day by day hopefully :)

Why am I trembling?!

Seriously guys I can't calm down. It's like I am in a new group of friends and I want to make a good impression but after all all I do is humiliate myself. I know you know the feeling. Shaming...

But you know what? Just flip your hair the way I do and remember that you are special no matter what the people think :) That's my way of saying see you soon!

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