A blank sheet of paper, and a ballpoint pen can become your best friends. As they will lead you to the stories you want to tell.” With the help of these two items, stories embarrassing or horrifying, can be shared with either an audience of millions or an audience of one. The problem with this quote is that, it doesn’t elaborate on my feelings in regards towards the process of writing.
I agree. Writing is a beautiful art of expression as well as liberation from the on going disappointments that life brings, but while writing is beautiful, can be frustrating and aggravating. When you reach the question of “what do I write” or “ I don’t know what to say anymore” writer’s are forced to go through or have to deal with the disease commonly known as “writer’s block” or as I know it, the time I stare at my screen for a couple of minutes before I completely give up, turn off my laptop and call it a day. Writing can also take time and if you are not a dedicated person, the work that you are trying to create can be pushed back and be forgotten.

Writing is a never-ending game of jenga. When you create the tower, then start to remove various little blocks from the tower only to place them back on the top, as if trying to salvage what you believed was never broken. If the wrong block is taken out from the tower, the whole thing can collapse, leaving you staring at your screen in wonder with what you have created; yet others stare at the destruction that lays underneath. The fact is, as a writer, we do not recognize that for the most part, our first piece of work is completely horrible rather than amazing as stated by Ernest Hemingway, “the first draft is shit.” We are more focused on the awe that the metaphorical masterpiece was even created by you, that we derail from the main story. This tends to lead us to focus on adding long over emphasized as well as over stressed words, in order to make an unnecessary part of the story seem more amazing and beautiful than it actually really is. As Dr Seuss said, “the writer who breeds more words than he needs is making a chore for the reader who reads.”
Thus the editor was created. They generate the relationship of batman and robin, but in this case the editor is batman. Due to the fact that he or she has the guts to tell us the writer, how amazingly disgusting our work is before throwing it into the trash, celebrating as it lands, then proceeds to demanding for a new piece of work that doesn't incite their gag reflex. Thanks to pride granted upon human beings, writers do not view the criticism given to them as “fair” or “justified”. What they do not realize is the fact that editors are there to force them from the ecstasy that they are in and degrade their books, in order for them to be fueled with anger, which leads to having the urge to prove the editors wrong, and allows them to produce something worthy of praise rather than “unfair” criticism.
Yes, writing is an art of expression created to save us from the disappointments in life, but the process of writing must be frustrating and aggravating. In order for the writer to know that he or she is not yet a certified master of this art, but someone who has just started to learn it and to learn that it is alright for you not to write amazingly well the first time and to accept criticism, as well as acknowledge the fact that your first piece of work is shit. By accepting those facts, it will lead you to becoming an amazing writer, and that is what the process of writing is. It is a guide that teaches you that in order to write a good book, you have to accept the fact that work cannot and will not be perfect, it will not be accepted by everyone and it will be rejected many times before it is recognized completely. By accepting all of that, it will lead you to becoming a good writer.