I always disliked the whole 'You cannot have it all' thing. I can and I'll darn have it! The catch is, that I have to be more specific in what I consider 'all' to be.

One of the things everyone wants to be is; perfect. Lots of people try to achieve perfection. So, what's perfection to me?

I used to believe, that perfection is whatever I saw in magazines and on the telly. You can guess, that I was easily influenced and probably didn't have actual connection with the real community out of my house.

Once I did get out more (thankfully for all of us), I thought to myself, that nobody is perfect. Pretty reasonable. And then time passed and I got to meet people better by forming close connections.

Later in life I realized that we are all perfect in our way. Yes, we do have imperfections, some of us have many imperfections, but that's what makes us perfect.

We are all, imperfectly perfect.

No need in trying to achieve being anyone else, rather than yourself. Only when you accept and love yourself, you can have a chance in being truly beautiful.

So, my advice is to not worry, but to actually embrace and show these imperfections, cause you're imperfect and that by itself, makes you unique and


PS. All these standards people want to make you live by; ignore them. You become miserable, is it worth it? No. Choose your happiness.

PS.2 Nothing is wrong with you, that needs to be perfected;

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Bye <3