hi peeps,
I just wanted to express my idea on being yourself. To me being yourself means to do things in your best self interest. It is common for people to act differently to fit in a certain groups or crowds but I am here to say that is not cool.

I believe you shouldn't act differently to please other people. You should be able to hang out with people that makes you feel happy and included.
Another thing is fashion choice. You don't have to dress a certain way to impress any and everybody. Yours peers should be able to encourage you and make you feel good about your fashion choice.

And finally if the people around you don't accept your belief in certain things and makes you feel bad about what you believe then you really shouldn't be friends with them. Moral of the story hang out with people who accept you and make you feel happy about yourself.

these are just some of the thing I believe is the first steps to being yourself. thanks for taking the time to read this article.

love candence ;)