The Script, of course!

the script and freedom child image

Been listening to 'Freedom Child' - their latest album release, for a while now. And I got to say, this album is a masterpiece.

And here are some of my favorite lyrics from the album:

the script, danny o'donoghue, and freedom child image art, purple, and sky image
Oh, the harder you chase it the more love will run
— Love Not Lovers
girl, aesthetic, and pink image

Look at the horizon, 'cause love will always take you home
— No Man Is an Island

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed Temporarily removed ugh, pink, and the 1975 image
Tried to find shelter here in the arms of someone new but I'd rather be there under the covers just with you
— Rain
girl, dark, and blue image smoke, boy, and grunge image Temporarily removed skeleton, stars, and bird image

Please, what if I self-destruct
Will the world fall to dust?
— Deliverance

Amazing to share it with you all! 💕