Since the day I was born I struggled to love myself.
Mostly because I wasn't like the rest of the girls I was hunging out with.
I wasnt outgoing, I was shy.
I couldn't talk easily because I was scared that I was going to mess up.
I never had long beautiful hair, I had short.
and I still don't have the amazing body with the perfect curves
and boys don't like me that much 'cause i'm not that funny with the awesome laugh or that beautiful or that hot
I now think that the point isnt the others to like you, the point is to like yourself, to love yourself because all you have is you.
the boys will come and go until you find the one who will love all your flaws (i'm sure about that) but still isnt enough because he loves them not you.
Dont wait for others to love you,love yourself first and they will come.
They always come.
I gathered here five ways to love yourself ,they help me i hope theyll help you:


Put on your favorite song and dance, sing along,dont care about what your family will say, and even if you think you can't dance, just let yourself free , let go, show your feelings and admire your body.

.acknowledge your feelings.

Find what bothers you and try to understand why. Then try to change it or love it.take care of yourself, its your temple.

  • practice yoga and meditate.

Well, this one really helped me.When you practice yoga its like your whole body wakes up and you can understand your body better and love it for everything that has offered you all these years . You feel alive,loved and free, you find what feels good.When you meditate , its like having a conversation with your soul, this is when you get to know you , this also will help you acknowledge your feelings too. Listen to your body and your soul.Thank them.

  • Give thanks.

Think of all the things you love about yourself. It may be your hair,your eyes,the way you write or sing.Be thankful about them because you are the only one who can sing or write or dance like that and the only one with that specific eye color and laugh and smile. Embrace these things.Embrace yourself, no one is like you.So, thank your mind for giving you all these ideas and your voice who gives you the opportunity to sing and even your feet without them you couldnt walk and your heart who has survived all these heartbreaks and still pounds so fast when you feel something new.Be grateful.

You are amazing just the way you are.

  • Look in the mirror, see yourself and forgive you.

You’re learning as you travel your life path,no one is perfect, we all make mistakes.Thats life.And then, see your body ,without it you wouldnt be here, it has offered you much and its still offering you after all these difficulties and challenges its here for you. love it, it needs your love.