As everyone knows, the new school year is approaching, which means that the days when we could wake up late and spend the day on the cell phone will end, so I bring you some tips for going back to school.

#1 ALWAYS take breakfast.
I know this may sound ridiculous but when I do not eat in the morning I can not think straight. So always eat something, as long as it's coffee and toast, milk and cereal, anything that feeds you.

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2 on the previous day always prepare the backpack and clothes. This is a great tip, because then I know that in the morning, I will never forget anything and I have more time to do my make-up, feed myself, etc.

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3 Use highlighters and post-its to write some notes. The technique I used was to always read the texts of the books once, then re-read and underline the keywords and then with the post-its to make a text in your way with those keywords and paste next to the text.

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4 Always study at a desk. Yes! You have to do this, why? Because if you study in bed you will be sleepy, it always happens! But if you study at a table, you will be sitting in a chair and you will not be very "comfortable" and will not be sleepy

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5 Pomodoro Technique Ever heard of the Pomodoro technique? No? So I'll explain. You write down everything you have to do on an agenda and divide for each task 25 minutes of your time. It need not necessarily be this time, but it is advisable. If you can not finish in this period, add another 25 minutes. But take a 5-minute break to eat something, DRINK WATER, or take a walk and then come back and finish the other chores. I use an application to help me which is called BeFocused, it will be very useful to you.

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I hope the tips will help you in your return to class, as you have helped me

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