These thoughts
Remind me of oceans.

Hurricanes storming through my mind.

Sweeping away what is left of my clear words.

Tearing down the walls I built to protect my heart.

Threatening to break my voice and come out of me as wild,destroying words.

I feel them breaking out,not caring what it does to me.

Not holding on to what is left of me.

But,now I no longer exist. I'm not there.

They erased me with they words-my words.

Sharp like nives,cutting their way through my bones and out of my skin.

Doing everything they can to escape. Killing me along the way.

All that exists now,are those words. Fighting their way through the darkness.

Poisening all,that hasn't got the same colour. Dipping all in their ink of words.

All that doesn't share those deadly words. All that can't understand their storms.

Leaving me behind,as an empty vessel.