You are the best thing that ever happened to this world
You just don't know the value of yourself
You shall respect yourself because that's the most important thing you need right now
Don't let your beautiful eyes just cry for something that is not worth it
Don't ever let anyone be the reason why you sad
Go out ! Chillax ! Read stories ! Listen to music ! Sing out loud !!! Do whatever you want
Don't let anyone ruin you happy moments
Just Don't Care about anything
Do what you love and what makes you comfortable
Don't link your happiness to someone else
Don't ever try to think about suicide : it won't heal your heart , and no one will remember you, (except your parents ) because all ppl care about are themselves .
You need yourself more than anyone else
Talk to yourself
Make plans
Work for your dreams and your goals
Only Those things will make you happier
Hope you understand what i mean and work to make your life better