Are you working hard or are you really just stressing yourself out?
I'm going to put my two cents here on this topic that most Americans believe that there is no such thing as being lazy sometimes and you must work hard now before it's too late. Especially putting a ton of pressure on the younger generations.
I feel like it's always about rushing and working and people make life out to be more of a competition than making life more about living. There's a part on the book called, Eat Pray Love when the writer went to Italy and a friend she met there simply said around the lines of "Americans work too hard, you can relax here in Italy and not over work yourself and no one would look down on you." I totally couldn't agree more on this.

Ill give you my life example. I am a 22 year old young woman and I am a stay at home mom, often I feel like people look down on me because I don't have a 9-5 job and people love to throw comments at me trying to shame me for being so young and staying home with my child like its such a bad thing. You know a few years ago stay at home moms were a normal thing, now its often looked down upon. I am blessed that my husband has an amazing job and I have this beautiful opportunity to raise my son at home, and be with him 24/7. I wont always be a stay at home mom and I wont always be unemployed so why not enjoy this now? So most stay at home moms don't sit around all day either, we do a lot considering being a mom is a tiring enough job, and I actually try to work from home. I paint and sell my art and work on my website as often as I can, so I'm not making the biggest income but I get to focus on my dream and plan out a career in art while I'm at home.
Moral of the story is, I totally agree working hard is an amazing thing and you should find every reason you can to bring your way to the top. I also believe its okay to take a few years off if you're able to or take some days off to have to yourself and not let work stress you to the point where you aren't happy or enjoying life anymore. I know, funny thing to say coming from a stay at home mom but believe it or not I also get stressed out too, but that's another article topic. Make sure you live a little and take a break when you need to, unless you enjoy being a workaholic then go for it!