Here is a list of things I do and you can do when you feel bored or generally, life feels repetitive and boring. Sometimes you feel like you're waiting for something that isn't going to happen, or you feel stuck, and when I feel like that I like to do these things.


You don't need to be an amazing chef and you don't need a million cooking books to do this. Just try and learn to cook some meals. I would learn to cook your favourite food and things you love to eat- for example I love desserts so I like to bake, and also if it goes wrong it probably still tastes good. Examples of things I've learnt to make are Oreo cheesecake, Oreo cake, brownies, blueberry flapjack. You can find thousands or recipes online. This can also come in handy in the future.

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Affordable Room Decorating...

I don't mean give your entire room a makeover that costs hundreds, I just mean put little things in your room to make it feel nice. I buy small plants (like cactuses) from stores and car boot sales to make my window sill cuter. I print photos of things like my dogs, my celebrity crush, and collect clothing labels, concert tickets, and stick them on my wall. I also write messages on my mirror. There are a lot more things you can do, and if you're in a bad place, it's always nice to have a new setting. I also recommend decluttering your room.

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Spice up your Wardrobe [Affordable]...

This doesn't necessarily have to cost a lot and I have been doing it a lot lately. One thing I do is alter clothes I already have. I always make my own croptops out of old t-shirts, it's affordable and you can find tutorials online. You can also buy really cheap tshirts and crop them. I make my own chokers out of old necklaces and string I find, and you can buy some cute, cheap jewellery at a lot of stores. I like to layer chokers. I always buy ear ring sets and mix and match them, for example I like to wear one star ear ring and one moon. You can buy patches and sew them into plain tshirts or bags to make it more interesting and unique. You can rip jeans and crop them and they feel like a whole new pair. These things don't cost a lot.

My outfit idea collection for inspiration!
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Start Writing about things that Interest you...

There are many ways you can write online. Blog posts- on weheartit, and many other websites. If you are interested in makeup for example, write about makeup! You can write stories, for example on wattpad, if you are creative. If you want to verbally do it, try starting a YouTube channel. You don't need a lot of followers and as long as it makes you happy, do it. You could also write about your emotions if you keep them bottled up, and people can relate and all cry together over life.

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Make a Scrapbook about thing you Love...

Find an old book and start filling it with things. You could fill it with photos and memories, decorate it, write about feelings, do drawings and sketches, write ideas, write your goals, keep a diary in it, make lists, photos of art, write playlists, recipes, write quotes, cut out things from magazines, cut out quotes from books. There are so many things you could fill it with and look back at in the future.

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Make Playlists...

I like to make different playlists, for example, playlist for getting ready, playlist for showering, playlist for doing work, playlist for relaxing, and I make playlists for my friends and certain people and memories in my life. Music makes life a lot better and more interesting.

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Read Books

I love reading and it makes life better and these are some books I recommend.
-The Maze Runner series. If you are thinking of buying it, firstly only buy the first 2 books and see if you want to get the third. The first and second book are amazing and way better than the movies (and the movies are amazing), the third book was okay but OMG THE PREQUEL SUCKS DON'T BUY IT. It has the most boring, generic characters, the storyline is terrible. Just look up the summary online if you care that much. You don't even get any of the questions answered, except Teresa's past and no one cares about her.
-Harry Potter, do I need to explain?
-The Hunger Games books. I loved them and also people say "Jennifer Lawrence can't act in the movies". They are the ones who haven't read the books. That's literally her cold stubborn no emotion character. I honestly hate Katniss but I love her character just hate her. She didn't treat peter right, she treats him way better in the movies.
-A Series of Unfortunate Events. The books are so good and I love the Netflix show.

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Find New YouTubers to Watch

These are some YouTubers I love and recommend to watch, you can find YouTubers yourself also and I just love watching YouTube!
-Angela Guzman (Does makeup videos, lookbooks, a few vlogs)
-sophdoesnails (She posts so frequently and does a lot of very good quality, useful videos. She does makeup)
-Jacob Cruikshank (He is Lucas Cruikshanks brother, an icon, really funny)
-Bretman Rock (Does makeup, you've probably heard of him, funny)
Those are a few I watch.

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A Few More Random Things you can do...

-Make a DIY calendar (Buy a cheap one, add your own photos over existing ones)
-Go to charity/thrift shops
-Join clubs
-Make your own lamp out of a mason jar (there are tutorials)
-Do crazy makeup on yourself
-Do someone else's makeup/hair
-Volunteer (Animal shelters etc.)
-Sell things on ebay (I got £70 for 4 old 3DS games)
-Go to castles (If you live in a place with a lot, like England)
-Go on 'adventures', me and my sister go on walks and find places we didn't even know exist, like we a found a secret mini beach with a lake to swim in
-Try and train your dog to do tricks

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Thank you for reading!