H E L L O everybody!!
This is my first article. I LOVE autumn so I thought i would do my first article about it.

In autumn you can use really comfy and cosy clothes. like sweaters, boots and beanies

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You can take long walks in forest with your family and friends and even make a campfire and stay in a tent

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In autumn you can read book under blankets with candles on and listening rain while drinking your favorite hot drink. (i love coffee so i would drink that in this case)

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In autumn you feel cosy and you have amazing spirit because everything outside is so breathtaking. Nights are starting to get darker and it is perfect opportunity to light up your favorite candles and read a book.
I personally like colder weather and in here where I live ( Finland ) weather is cold in autumn and winter and summers are warm.

Me and my family really like to take road trips when it´s autumn because everything is so beautiful and colorful.

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I would like to know what you guys want me to write for you. If you have any idea let me know....

ps. I'm sorry about my english it´s not my native language.