Sometimes, we have a lot of things on mind, social media, work, our problems... for example, now i have to do my final exams to know if i can go to university this year, i would be so excited if i just could finallly pass them, and i'm so nervous of having to study all day long, to take care of my family, friends, people i love. I have to take care of my boyfriend too. They all are giving me a lot of support, but sometimes they can feel like if i've been ignoring them, or not giving them the attention that they deserve. Maybe that's true, and that's what i want to talk about today. Loving is easy. Is easy to start to love someone, when is somebody new, interesting, there is mistery, fun and everything. The problem here appears when you know him/her yet. You know his pros and cons, his good and bad things, his attributes and failures, and you're in love with them too. Because you olnly have the option of choose the complete pack. Yep, but sometimes is hard to deal with the things you're not agree, that you don't like. That's love, is such a difficult way of life, but you still want to take it because it worth the pain. You know that in the end you still wanted to be with this person, because he has the most interesting qualities or attributes that you've never found in other people. You have made a decision for something. You have to fight every day to make it work. Sometimes you have to give in, swallow your pride, to forgive or apologize.
Ce n'est pas facile, mais tu fais ça parce que tu l'aimes.
El amor es precioso, pero cuesta trabajo mantenerlo. No es un camino de rosas, pero si de verdad hay esfuerzo, vale la pena.