When he finally reached my chest with his kisses and cautiously began to suck I had to exhale heavily. My rib cage raised and lowered faster and faster while he sucked even stronger. He has left his eyes closed which pleased me because so I could watch him without blushing under his piercing gaze and again I noticed how beautiful he was. With this dirty smile on his lips he let go of my chest and helped me out of my slip and socks. Then he took off his clothes too and I just stared at the strong, muscular six pack his shirt revealed. His arms were even stronger than they seemed to be yesterday. Now he opened the zipper of his pants and presented me his simple black boxer shorts that fit tightly onto his body. Underneath them a bump clearly became apparent. I gasped for air when he even removed his last piece of clothing and revealed his penis right in front of my eyes. He had already boasted about the length to me and.. he was so right. The thing that stretched into air in front of me just took my breath away and in my head suddenly appeared thoughts of what he could do with it to me. He only laughed and laid me down on his bed. While one of his hands held me, the other one touched my abdomen. I was still quite nervous, every muscle of my body hardly tensed and I had scruples to let go. But he just quietly looked at me and carefully but confidently began to stroke me. He knew what he was doing, that was obvious. I didn't want to think about it but all of a sudden my throat tightened as the thought about the number of girls that he must have given it to appeared in my head.