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Welcome back to another article! I have been a bit inactive lately but figured that I really wanted to create something new so here we are!

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what I love about summer

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my two favorite things about summer clearly are spending time with all my friends and being able to be outside all day

I totally love that in summer the sun is shining until 10 pm and longer!

summer in four images

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my favorite summer outfit

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I eihter go for something totally girly or denim with a crop top

my favorite summer drink

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nothing can beat white wine - so refreshing!!

my favorite summer vacation place

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I love summer vacations at the ocean

I have been to Croatia, Spain, Bulgaria and Sorrento in Italy already but I can imagine that holidays at the beach in America or somwhere in Asia like Bali or even New Zealand are amazing as well! There are still so many places on my travel list...

my favorite summer quote

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this summer is full of important decisions for me: what am I going to study? what city am I moving to? So I really need to remind myself not to stress over that things and take my time to figure out what I really want

my favorite ice cream flavour

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i usually go for something fruity like raspberry in summer but I am also OBSESSED with chocolate ice cream - all vegan of course!

swim suit or bikini?

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I love that swim suits and high wasted panties are back in fashion! These just make curvy bodies look slim and hot!

what I dislike about summer

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sometimes in summer - when it's simply too hot - you are so demotivated and tired that you're just kinda stuck inside all day, PLUS it's getting SO hot in cars!!!

my fav movie to watch this summer

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a big recommendation goes out to "Love, Simon"! I just saw the movie in theatre today and I am shook! - but you should read the book before ("Simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda")

my favorite food in summer

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in summer I always get into junk food at times but I still hold on to my greens


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I am going to spend two weeks on the North Sea cost of Germany with my family and my boyfriend!

my favorite things to do in summer

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I love to tan or go to the pool and besides I just started my first bullet journal so I really have fun organizing myself in a creative way - but clearly the most important thing in summer is to have fun with your friends!!!

And yasss you have made it through the whole article! Congrats to you! Now go get off your phone for the next hour and enjoy your summer! It's way to beautiful outside than to waste your time in the internet!

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