Hello, lovely Hearters!
My name is Rocio, nickname Chio (as you can see) and this is the first time I write an article here. I don't have an specific idea of what I'll write the next times, but since this is the first, I'll introduce myself :)
My full name is Rocio Agustina (doble name), I was born in 18-03-1995 (Piscis), in Argentina but I've been travelling around the world since I was 6 years old. Right now I'm living in Mallorca, a Mediterranean island (Spain territory). I've graduated in History (so proud of myself, really) and in a few weeks I'll start a Master's degree in Cultural Management of the Heritage.
Well, now comes the funny part, "silly or funny facts about me":
-Superpower: don't laugh, but I would love to have witch powers (in Harry's Potter way xD).
-Hobbies: read, cinema and friends.
-Dinner with a historical character: Julius Caesar.
-I hate lies.
-Favorite word: CHAOS (the pronunciation <3 )
-Food: PIZZA.
-I love to travel.
-I'm a multifaceted person.
-Me in 3 words: loyal, kind and dorky.
-I can not stand fake people.
-My motto life changes... aaaaaall the time.
-I can be seem as a cold person.
-First anime: Sakura Card Captor.
-I love animals.
-I laugh A LOT.
-Fear: loneliness.

And that's it! If you wanna know me better, or talk, this is my Instagram account: chio_parodi

Oh, by the way, Spanish is my first language. Sorry for the mistakes!