When he says that he loves you and doesn't act like it . Does he really love you ?<br>
I mean if he was honest . He'll put you on the top of his priorities . He won't answer you late until ur deep conversation looses its taste . He'll care about you and he'll text you even if the last message was from him . He won't get tired of loving you or talking to you everyday all the day . He'll ask you meaningless questions just to keep talking to you because he enjoys that . He enjoys every sinlge moment with you. He'll tell you about everything .  he'll heal ur heart if you were sad and even  cry with you  . He'll be honest with you  . He'll  call you and annoy you with every single thing he does and with his shitty stories that'll probably sound shit to ppl but gold to him . Someone who would do everything just to make your relationship lasts forever .