Stone wall cladding is popular around the globe primarily for its attractive appearance as well as its sturdiness. There is no one pattern that you will get when trying to install stone wall cladding in your home or commercial property. The possibilities are endless! All you need is an expert wall cladding professional team to turn your dream wall into reality.

The exteriors of your home can easily be looked over for more reasons than one. You have either been occupied prepping up the living room, your kid's study area or the kitchen. More often than not, we do not have the right idea or the inclination towards setting up a beautiful garden, front entrance or a driveway that captivates the visitors.

It is interesting to note that your guests are welcomed by the exteriors of your home before they even enter into your main residence. The exteriors are, therefore, more important at making the first impression on their minds. So to say, you would want your home exteriors to look regal, classy, alluring and most importantly, reflect your style.

In case you are a person with aristocratic taste or you enjoy the old world charm in your home, you would love the use of stone wall cladding for the exteriors. Now that we understand that the exteriors hold a great deal of significance, we will begin with it first.

Stone wall cladding looks splendid when used for the exteriors especially if you have a professional team or a cladding specialist to work with you. The use of the best quality cladding tiles with varying sizes and patterns depending on your requirement and specifications.

Stone wall cladding tiles are available in a wide variety in the market. Only a cladding specialist is in the right position to recommend the appropriate thickness of the tile to be used for exterior or the interior of the house. However, as a default style, thin cladding tiles are used for stud walls as they offer it a classic look.

Natural stones only...

The use of natural stones for cladding adds to the overall appeal of the wall. Stone wall cladding can be done even by engineered tiles and other varieties. However, the real authentic look of the stone wall cladding is possible only through the use of natural stones. The use of natural stones instead of tiles is also very popular and again imparts an authentic look to your wall.

A stone wall cladding professional is competent to understand your requirements and offer you the appropriate set of designs, patterns, size and other specifications. They ensure a thorough and detailed recce of your property and offer the appropriate solution considering the number of possibilities that are possible with stone wall cladding.

Stone wall cladding is now one of the most sought after exterior design elements employed by homeowners and commercial property owners in and around London, Surrey and adjoining areas. It not only adds beauty to the outer walls of the house but also let you decorate your garden, fountain, porch, veranda and other exterior parts of your property. Garden hedges, boundary walls and even the various structures added to your residential exterior is enhanced with the addition of stone wall cladding using natural stones and stylized pattern with the help of home decor professional.

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