Ever wonder what it likes to deal with someone who is not patient and not Quiet at all. Never gets you. Never understand what your actually saying. Never listen. Well, we all experience it. We experience it everyday. Some are in denial. Some won't even want to understand you.

There are also some, who you try to show them some direction. You try to help them see the other perceptive. But they just give up and never understands how to handle them. For example, talking to your mother. Sometimes your mother won't get what your even saying, what your trying to show her or tell her. But the only key to make her understand you, is understanding her first. Try to listen, but try to speak up in a way she understand you. Sometimes mothers won't understand your level of understanding. Cause they might be narrowed minded. But one think they do understand, emotions. Emotional feelings. Yelling back, fighting back, arguing back won't work at all. Even advice won't work at all. Some people my age won't understand that at all. Won't understand Quiet, fixes everything. They love to inferrer, they like to get involved. Even if your mom yells, just endure. Cause when she sees you enduring everything she have said. She will realize how you feel about her.

Sometimes my own lovely mom never gets me. Always yells before hearing me out, or even try to listen to what I am saying. But I learn my lesson to just endure. To just try to be Quiet. Don't reply back. Don't argue. Just endure and be Patient. But sometimes you need to speak up. Check on her if she is in a good mood. Go and sit with her, quietly. Don't a say a word just yet... Look at her. If she notice you. Say, How are you feeling mom? Are you Okay? I hope you are. Trust me if you say this and just smile and walk away, even though she won't reply to you or even not looking at you. She knows deep down that you care about her. Some day she will understand that you finally understood her, and she will understand you soon.

Sometimes enduring troubles work. Sometimes patients work. But learn how to use those methods. They are the keys of your troubles. Including myself, is important for all of you. Cause without experiences, no one even believes you. Am I right? There are some important people that I want them to understand this, cause how many times they try to make me understand them won't fix their problems, cause I do. But they need to understand themselves in order to understand what I mean. They use impossible in their dictionary.
The word impossible doesn't exist in my life. Everything is possible, It just take a long time to process. I am not saying to change the people your are with, cause you can't. You only can help heal the problem a little. With changing a bit of your behavior will really affect your surrounding. You don't need to change completely, just change the behaviors that are blocking your connection with the person. For example if your a person who have an attitude, replying back all the time when your mom talks to you. Try to notice it. replying back won't always help. try to not reply back. And observe, maybe when you keep doing it. Your mom will notice that you have change, and she will start to believe in you. Give respect. You earn respect.

People have dealt with many troubles. So are solutions. You will have many solutions for every problems. You just need to learn to find them, and pick the right one. Won't work if you just sit and do nothing. experience, don't be afraid to try many things. Try and never give up.

Thank you all, please leave a comment if it really helped you.