One day, you'll gonna wake up that you're happy.

One day, you'll gonna wake up that you're sad.

One day, you'll gonna wake up with that unknown feeling of emptiness

One day, you'll gonna wake up its raining and you'll gonna feel that sheer longing of touching the rain through the pelted window.

One day, you'll gonna wake up with the music that you wanted with your favorite artist singing it over the radio that'll bring smile on your face.

One day,you'll gonna fall in love with someone who makes you special yesterday that it'll give you sleepless nights by the way how you remember those moments but consumes your heart with despair later when he acts like you're nothing tomorrow.

One day, you'll gonna feel all these things in just one day and you just wanted to get lost because of too much confusion : Am I happy? Am I sad? Am I lost? Am I crazy? Or just deliberately lonely?

But no matter how many one day's you'd wake up with these feelings, marred with the same emotion as if these are the cycle of your emotions, the routine you are used to, I'm still stuck with the same feeling that will probably chained me forever.

And I'm hoping that one day, somehow, and in some ways, I won't wake up the feeling of being broken. Just as what I feel every morning I wake up. When I remember him.

His scent.
His laughter
His smile.
That I won't see

Maybe one day
I'm hoping one day...

and I dread for that day.