I hate winter. Pretty much. So I'm not happy about this change of season from summer to autumn since we hardly even had a summer here in Finland. But I have decided to fall in love with autumn. Just because it is one step closer to winter it doesn't mean I should spend the whole season just sulking. So I decided to make a list – inspired by all the other lists I have read here in WHI – about the great things about autumn. And I am going to enjoy this season fully.

Sunny autumn days
I just love the light this time of year. Yes there isn't as much of it as in the summer but it's kind of a softer light and it makes the colours really pop! Sometimes, especially during sunset, it creates a very calm and somehow longing atmosphere that isn't bad but a good kind of longing.

Sweather weather
I love sweathers. There aren't anything as comfortable to wear when it's cold.

Candles, fairylights, dimmed lights... Anything works for me. Especially I love to use candles to get that cozy atmosphere. It is very important to have these other kinds of lights when it isn't as light outside.

Cups of tea
I love big cups of tea and I cannot lie.

Autumn is the start for the cozy season. Sure you can be cozy in spring and summer too but in autumn (and yeah in winter too) being cozy is more natural and much more needed.

Crisp autumn air
It feels so fresh and obviously you can wear your sweather and enjoy a nice walk outside. This is even better if the sun is shining but cloudy days aren't worse for that.

Warm food
I love to eat soups and since I don't eat them so much during spring and summer I indulge in them again in the autumn. Red lentils soup is my favorite.