It is Monday. This morning I felt a strange, positive feeling taking over me. Is that optimism or some unexpected joy? It is hard to tell. I only know that I was not upset by the neighbor's noise in the apartment next to me or the heavy rain that started on the first day of September and it does not intend to stop.

It is a bit chilly. I should probably take out all the autumn and winter clothes from the closet where I keep them during summer. I no longer feel comfortable wearing short sleeves. The day is already slightly shorter.

It is six o'clock in the morning. I did not wake up tired. Moreover, I feel comfortable in my own skin. Stupidities do not make me angry. I was not frustrated that I had fallen asleep, although I did not wash dirty dishes from last night's dinner.

It is ten o'clock in the morning. I am parking in front of the building where I work. Vacation is over. I am not frowning. I am glad. The angry weather does not disturb me. I am searching for beauty in every corner.

Traffic jams are causing a complete chaos in the city. Dozens of cars are stuck in narrow city roads. Rain is falling ruthlessly.

I cannot find any good reason why I am smiling this morning. All of a sudden, everything seems better than it actually is. For the first time so far I feel fulfilled.

What was I doing wrong all these years? I do not know.

All I know is that I feel stronger. For others - unacceptably stronger.

- The Hummingbird (@emotionaldecember)