Jeans are a must have in your wardrobe and everyone owns at least one pair. Jeans are so versatile and they litterally go with everything.

Casual with a plain t-shirt

The easiest way to style a pair of jeans is with a plain t-shirt. It's effortless and comfortable, and with the right accessories it can look really good and put-together.

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More dressed-up with a lace top

For those days when you want to look a little more dressy and feminine or for a night out, a nice lace top with a pair of jeans makes a perfect outfit.

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Put-together with a button-up

A button-up is the best choice if you want to look more put-together. They are work-appropriate, but can also be dressed-down for an casual everyday-look.

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With stripes

Jeans and a striped shirt has always been a trendy combination and still is. We all own a pair of jeans and a striped shirt, and when you own one of each you already have a whole outfit.

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If you want to try something other than regular jeans, a pair of overalls is a great fashion piece. They are easy to style, they go with everything and they can make a whole outfit.

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With more denim

The double-denim look is still a big trend, so if you don't know what to pair with your jeans, just simply throw on a denim jacket and you are good to go.

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I really hope you enjoyed this fashion article!