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Welcome home my little pancakes. This is where you come to when it all gets a little crazy and you need to chill for a minute. Or you got lost and don't exactly know the way to Oz. There's no judgement here, just love.
Lot's of it.
Maybe even too much...... get my drift.....he he he he
No just kidding, I'm taken so.......
My point is that this is home. Don't forget to wipe your feet at the "Go Away" welcome mat and sit the hell down for a bit.
Check out my posts, and if you totally fall head over heels inlove with me, remember, I love you too. You're always welcome to read what I write, and the best bit is, I can respond directly to your requests via blog post.
So, say hi and become one of my minions by clicking subscribe. You'll transform into a sexy beast, or for you beautiful ladies out there, you'll be my gorgeous Faery Queen. And we shall live forever in the forests of the - which isnt a real website,

I made that up from the visions of my mind.

Explore my Who the hell is Fluffy Bunny page, and read all about me, why I was created and my secret mission to take over the world. oops - well so much for keeping secrets.
Stay tuned my little minion,
And don't forget,
I love you to the moon, around the sun, far past pluto and all the way back again.

kiss kiss snuggle snuggle

Yours forever,

Fluffy Bunny

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