"I wanna go on road trips. I wanna wake up under a palm tree, feel the ocean breeze and get high by nature’s power. I wanna scream out loud my deepest fears until they are no longer fears. I wanna dance with no music playing and laugh until my belly hurts. I wanna forget about the world for a second. I wanna find new places and get lost. I wanna explore as many places as I CAN. I wanna sleep in the car and wake up in the middle of the night just to look at the stars and admire the beauty of being part of this journey. I wanna take awesome pictures of the sunrise, run through a forest and hug trees. I wanna turn off my phone and turn on my sense of self love. I wanna set myself free completely, until I’m ME again. I crave intense feelings and deep memories. I wanna feel the rain falling down over my skin, so maybe, just maybe, i could let it wash away my past, my mistakes and my scary thoughts. I wanna feel the rain falling over me…. Until I’m whole. Until I’m cured. Until I’m alive."