Kinda weird,that we can’t be alone,cause without lovely conversations,long hugs or loud laughs,we are dead.
I always say,that sleep is losing time,losing the most important thing in life…just because I love being awake and sharing thoughts,music,feelings.
So,there are three types of conversation: The cute one,when you are dreaming,planning or talking about memories.
The flirty one,when romantic bowl of your soul is getting full.
And my’s the deep one.This kind of conversation is like food for me. I love talking about life,love,friendship,sex,universe,childhood…I love,when someone texts me long messages about her/him feelings,cause I believe,that after this,it’s something like connection,it’s already part of you and seems like you aren’t strangers, anymore.It’s not about time length in relationships,it’s about feeling..If you feel the person,if his/her existence excites you,that’s the point.
What if we don’t meet people accidentally.You have something like circle and out of this is house of wrong,if you have some kind of relationship it doesn’t last forever. Someone told me,that everything is,I mean,I knew it and everyone perfectly knows,but it was right time to make myself believe,that it wasn’t true and there are things,that stays with us forever.So I started arguing,but we can’t handle the truth,you know.
This tragical word “temporary” kills me,cause I am the most temporary thing.I can’t stand stability,I am afraid of feelings..One little thing can make me so cold,you will never be able to warm it up.So,If I ever lose you,my sweeties,just forgive me now.