4th September 2017

Here's a couple things you might be interested to read about Australia:

Lately all over WHI, people from the USA and other countries have been posting about it being Fall. Well, here in Australia, it is now Spring! I actually love it when it's Spring because it reminds me that there's only 3 months till Summer, and till school ends! But there is one major downfall if Spring in Australia, and that's magpies. Magpies are these annoying black and white birds that swoop! Their eyes are sooo creepy and then they just like dive down and brush the top of your head. When my mum was a kid, a magpie actually pecked the top of her head. So yeah, that's what Spring is like in Australia!

I'm sure you've heard about Vegemite. It's an Aussie spread that you put on your bread or toast. You've probably heard that it's disgusting. Because it is! Personally, I hate Vegemite. It just tastes very salty and bitter and not my cup of tea at all. If you ever try Vegemite, you need to know how to actually put it on. I've seen so many people who put way too much Vegemite on the first time they try it. You need to spread some butter or margarine on the bread first, and then apply a small amount of Vegemite. Trust me, you don't want to put a lot of it on the bread. The taste is very powerful and overwhelming.

Fun fact: Two years ago, they came out with this chocolate bar that was filled with Vegemite. They don't make it anymore though because it wasn't a huge success.

The School System
In America and many other countries I know that you guys have Elementary, Middle and High School and then College. Well in Australia, we have Primary School, High School and then University. Usually when you're 5 turning 6 that year, you go into a year level called 'prep' at Primary School. Then the year after that you'll be in Grade 1, then Grade 2, Grade 3 etc. until Grade 6. In Grade 6 (age 12) you graduate from Primary School, and then the next year you go to High School. High school starts at Year 7, then Year 8 etc. until Year 12. In Year 12 (age 18) you graduate from High School. Then, if you wish to go to University you do that after you graduate high school. University is pretty much just like College in other countries except you don't live on campus, you travel to your Uni unless you live far away from the campus. Another thing about Schooling: We start the school year in February, and it ends in December. We have 4 Terms (each term is usually 10 weeks long) seperated by a two week holidays, except the end of the year, when we have about 7 weeks off school before the new school year!

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