Hello everyone! This is my first article. Sorry if it's a bit long maybe, if it's a bit messy (I wrote it down without a plan), if there are faults! But let's begin.
I'm 22 years old. I think that our twenties are a very delicate period of our lives. We are not 100% adult, there's still a child inside us. I'm sure I'm not the only one who think this.
Not the only one. Not alone.
I've always thought I was alone. The only one In the world feeling in a certain way, thinking that "I wasn't enought", everyone better that me.
Now, I'm mature enough to say: "Wait. Are u sure? Why do you think that? It is not true. It can't be true. It's only you, who think you are not enough. You are so brutal with yourself."
Yeah. It's only me the person standing against me. I learned this. When Someone told me: "You know, if anyone sees you, he/she would say: <<Why she should be so unhappy? Why she is not satisfied about herself? She's pretty, she has people who love her, she's going to university. What does she want?>> The fact is: nobody knows about your insecurities, how difficult is for you to love yourself. It's you against you."
I knew He was right, when he told me this. But I felt guilty for not loving myself, It's really me against me.
So I promised me this: from now on, I'll try to be more kind with me, because I'm human, I'm part of this world, and I deserve to be happy.
I'd like to say: this is for you, if you are like me, if you think the same: start with me to love yourself. I'm sure everything will be better.