Hey,everybody!! The majority of you guys have already started school or are going to start next week like me! So i thought yesterday to write an article about what advice i wish i would know when i started school.Let's get started,shall we?

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First of all,my biggest advice for you guys is be yourself.There is no worst thing than not be yourself and try to be somoeone else.Don't be scared to be yourself,it is 2017,21st century.We are different and that's totally OK!!!

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2. Don't care about what people say

If you be yourself,then you will probaply face up with the mean/haters at your school and not only.Do not worry if someone tells you that you shouldn't do this thing or wear that clothes....These will happend,because the don't understand your journey and you know something? That's totally Ok

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3.Stay away from DRAMA

Drama is unreal at high school....From relationship,cliques,friendship,whatever! Drama at highschool is the most pointless and ridiculous thing on the Earth! My advice don't try to be a part of it,trust me.

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Coffee will be your bestfriend.Maybe not know at middle school but at high school Coffee will one of your essential.

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Rumors are SUCK at highschool,middle school....everywhere.We all struggle with all these silly rumors.If you want my advice don't care about them ( i know that i write the prhase don't care lots of times but that's the truth) It is rumors after one week nobody is gonna talk about them!!

That's a wrap,thank you guys so so much for reading this article! STAY TUNED for more!!