Hi, girls!

In movies, you can understand the end if you watch clearly. However, in real life, you can not imagine in your own life whats going around. Don't worry! If you just starting a college, hearken to me because I'm gonna give you all details.

1) First of all in your freshman year you have open your eyes! Everybody looking for gossip and drama. Anybody can be nice to you but it does not mean they are your friends. Don't tell your story. Just chat little. You can't trust them!

2)You should care about choose your friends. You know what they say, freshman year friends are forever! If you choose bad ones, you will have a loooong way to start over to make new friends. Smile to everyone, be nice to everyone and meet everyone. When you choose your new BFF, to analyze their good/bad reactions.

3) College is the funniest time I have ever seen, but in this case, you should pay attention your classes. If you can handle both of that classes and fun, you can do everything in your future life! And don't forget, if you'll be close your professors, you can pass all your classes.

4) Join clubs which is sports, dance or music even if besides your concern. These ones are harbor a good friendship, a family and good quality time. Your time is precious, don't waste it.

5) A boyfriend problematic! You will have lots of crushes! Because you are beautiful, inside and outside. But don't hold on one stupid teenage guy. Hang out them, love them, live to passion them, (sound crazy but it's going to do) cry after them, but don't hold on them.

6)Be a feminist and demand your and other girls justice! Dont forget, feminism sport the equality about men and women.

7) Make a good network! You will need this network after college for looking job or doing your job.

8) Travel the world! Open your heart and travel everywhere, make new friends, taste new foods, learn the new languages and discover everything. Don't forget this is only time to being independent!

9) And then finally, don't afraid to be the Loser, because being loser makes you a better person.

I hope you enjoy my first article. See you soon!

Love yourself and be yourself it is the only way to live

Love u, xox