Boys and Crushes ❥ 6 - Types of guys

Dear guys, if you like a girl, don't make her start the conversation cause then she worries she's being annoying - Sincerely, all girls

September 4, 2017

Throughout school life especially high school you highly likely to experience being in a relationship. In this 'chapter' I'm going to break down the type of guys you may encounter.

1) The shy guy

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Many girls probably wonder why a guy stays so silent throughout the day, it's his personality so don't be angry just because he won't talk.
The shy guy will probably struggle for words when talking to girls let alone does he try to get in with the populars, in reality his probably trying to avoid them.. what do you think?
I would recommend not to judge the silent ones as they'd most likely have a low profile and besides I've become great friends with a lot of shy guys, just be polite and say hello and hope for a response. Don't and I repeat don't become too clingy otherwise he'll probably avoid you and he'll do a really good job at doing that too.

2) The nerd

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Every class has one of these probably even 2! Behind his nerdy looks is a genuine guy who will happily be able to help you with upcoming assessments and exams as they are always able to hand things on the deadline. The one thing to be careful for is being extremely unhelpful by using him not for his looks but for his brain. To be honest the nerds are the ones who usually are the hottest after their glow up!

3) The excluded guys

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To be fair sometimes you don't recognise for who they really are, you recognise them for being the guy up in the back corner... alone. Maybe he skips school a lot and chooses to be alone. Try your hardest not to be rude to him because he may be an introvert for a reason.. maybe something to do with his family I don't know also don't avoid him because I'm sure he'll be a wonderful guy to build a friendship with.

4) The f***kboy

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Ok don't let me get started on these type of guys. Yes, the may seem extremely hot but they get a ton of girls. They charm you and put you under a spell like a wizard and when you feel like your so strong he goes and breaks your heart. How? A high chance with someone you know. I don't know how many times I've heard of guys breaking their 'girls' heart with the girls best friend.

Getting to know this guy may benefit you but its extremely risky.

5) The wealthy guy

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The wealthy guy wins a lot of girls from his money. He probably rocks up to school an expensive clothing and in an expensive car and pushes all the girls away like they are objects. I know you may disagree but I've seen it through my own eyes. He is also the guy that gets in a ton of trouble because he can buy his way out of it all so if you are a risky type of girl or even boy then this guy is for you if not definitely avoid him and his crowd.

6) The sports obsessed

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You can find many of these guys at your local basketball court, gym or oval. They are always hardly ever in class and have either very low intelligence or moderate intelligence. Most of these type of guys are rude but the nice ones are so cute and very playful and if your a cheerleader you are sure to end up dating one of these guys.

7) The fighters

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There's always the guys who will start a fight anywhere at anytime especially in the school halls. These can also be known as the bullies of the school and they are never afraid to go through the consequences. I'm not sure about you but I always try and avoid these guys because last time I witnessed something my friend got caught and was in the middle of the beating... If they get too head over heels please talk to your student council thingy my schools is called the YFC.

8) The populars

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The hottie of your school. Many girls trying to get his phone cumber to hit him up and his always surrounded by them like he is a flower and the girls are the bees. He probably dated half of the 'hot' girls like the cheerleading team and no surprise but it's fair to say I think we've all at least fallen for one of these.

9) The nice guy

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There are always these guys lurking around your school but they may be hard to find throughout the rest of the list. He doesn't plan on getting the girls or even becoming popular as that's not a priority for him. He respects everyone and he is very polite and he is like a mixture of all of these guys. This guy is the one you definitely want to be friends with and possibly a relationship too!


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