September 4th, 2017

Hello and WELCOME to my first article!

I decided to start off simple and write about some of my favorite cartoons...because I love cartoons...yup.

Without further ado, here are some cartoons that I absolutely adore.

gif, lion, and su image

1) Steven Universe

Rating: 10/10 bits
Why I love it: There is a diverse cast of characters in this show that all have their own thoroughly developed personality. I love that the writers are creating very human personas, despite many of the characters being from an alien species. There are real depictions of relationships and it gives me absolutely all the feels. Plus the artwork is beautiful. And the plot has made me cry on several occasions. Please...PLEASE watch this show if you haven't yet.

Voltron image

2) Voltron: Legendary Defender

Rating: 10/10 quiznaks
Why I love it: This show has one of the craziest fandoms I've ever been a part of but the theories, ships, and memes that are thrown around are just too much fun. It's also an amazing show with such endearing characters that it's hard to choose a favorite, as well as a plot that keeps taking turns and is careful to keep us wanting to know what happens next. #notmyshiro #ormaybemyshiro #pleasewhathappenedtoshiro

archer, gif, and sterling archer image

3) Archer

Rating: 10/10 DANGER ZONES
Why I love it: Unlike the previous two cartoons, this cartoon is definitely not for kids. We have a constantly drunk secret agent, coke addictions, Cyril, and a whole bunch of other things that a number one spy may encounter. The characters make this show just too enjoyable. They're all so different but so freaking hilarious. I will say it's probably not for everyone, but personally I really enjoy it.

gif, adult swim, and animation image

4) Rick & Morty

Rating: 10/10 Aw Geez Ricks
Why I love it: If you haven't heard of Rick & Morty, it's time. I will say, this show is freaking bonkers and some crazy shit happens on it, but holy jeebuz it's enjoyable. It's...easier to watch than to explain it.

C'mon, morty...just...just give it a try Morty.

And there we have it. Just a few cartoons that I love. But truth be told, I'll probably be back to write about more cartoons.

It was interesting to try out this new article feature and I'm excited to see how creative I can get with it.

Have a nice day!

(ps I just realized the reason I like these shows: the characters. Who would've thought. That. You know. "CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND REALISTIC PERSONALITIES ARE IMPORTANT." she yells at 50% of TV shows she's watched in her lifetime)

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