Words. A weird concept.

You are thaught to read.
Later, reading teaches you.

Words can make you sad.
Words can make you happy.
And it were his words that broke your heart.

You had them in your head,
wanted to scream them into his face.
You wanted to be heard.

But sometimes, words mean nothing.
Like when he said he loved you.
But you knew it wasn't true.
You knew there was someone else who was more important than you.

Words can be hard to hear, hard to say or hard to write.
They can be misunderstood.
You never know what's the truth, right?

Words make you feel things.
They can manipulate you so easy.
And if you always believe them,
Good luck.


I don't know what to think of this, I'm not very good at writing things. But yeah, maybe you enjoyed this article.
Love, A