It's 2 am and I should be in bed asleep with my thoughts turned off but it never goes as planned. The room is full of elephant sized nightmares that threaten to stampede the second my eyes flip closed to the rem sleep channel and I don't want that again.. not when I thought happiness was right around the corner.
I'm a prisoner to my own mind and I can't begin to tell you how frighting that truly is..

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At 2am my eyes shouldn't seek to stay open until dawn arrives, the moon taking her leave , her eyes droopy with morning dew sleep as the Sun kisses her black painted lips and whispers "Bonne Nuit" to her shadows as his light shines on us, her demons fleeing with her as his come out to play.

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You wish sometimes you were the moon. Maybe then someone in the world would wish to lasso you or hold you in the palm of their hand, stardust tickling your lips like fairy dust and glitter in bright pastel colors from your ride on the milky way threw the stars.

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But those moments don't happen anywhere other than the dreamland in your mind and that's ok. I would rather my thoughts keep me up till 2am than the nightmares to come soaring in to remind of things better left unsaid.
To all my fellow 2am people who are up with me tonight.. i bid thee all Bonne Nuit..until the sun shall rise on you. Goodnight.

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