Hello lovely girls of We heart it!
today I wanna introduce myself.
I am Elisabetta, Betty for friends, I'm an italian teenager, I am a very positive person and I believe in fantasy and magic.
I really like reading and writing, playing with my little brother and hanging out whit my friends.
I have lots of dreams and the first one is to have a pen friend so that I can improve my english (so if you want write me in private). The second one is to open a blog about girls things, and the third is to find a boyfriend (obviously) 🌈.
I really like WHI, that's one of my favourite app, I think that this new opportunity of writing is really wonderful because also the people that are a little shy (like me) can express themselves❣️
I think that's I'm going to write different articles, maybe about book, quotes, make up and songs. If you'd like put a ❤️.

So, hope to hear you soon girls❣️