Hey! I'm back with another article. This time, it's about MEMES!. But before I get into it, I just wanted to thank all the 130 people who hearted my last article. You guys are the best!

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Now as I said, today I wanted to show a bunch of memes that can either make you smile, giggle or simply jump out your window while laughing your head off (at least that's I think). A little sidenote: quite a few of these memes will be related to Kpop, so if you're not familiar with Kpop, you can skip the meme if you'd like.

And as promised, here the memes:

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Anyone else remembers this meme from the BBMAs?
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cough You cough
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ahem Me ahem
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Don't we all?
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And then there's me: sweats nervously
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Am I the only one?
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All around the all familiar faces...
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Christian Chim Chim

So that's all I have for now, because hOLY CRAP I JUST REALIZED I'M LATE! Thanks for reading this you guys, I really appreciate it~ And as usual, with that being said:

Bye Felicia! (I'm just kidding, bye-bye~~~)