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School is stressful but that doesn't mean you have to take time away from yourself, if anything you should be devoting MORE time to yourself. Self-care is more important during times of stress Here are some tips and tricks to help you take care of yourself all the time especially when you are dealing with stress from school.

1. List Time
Start out small and be consistent. Make a list of things that make you happy, it can be painting your nails, drawing, singing or even sleeping. It is important that you know what keeps calm and can help de-stress you
- Make the list of your favourite activities and how much time they take up!
eg. Painting nails - 10 minutes (25 minutes drying time)
Face Mask - 10 minutes
Bubble Bath - 35 minutes (watch an episode of favourite show or reading a chapter of a book)

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By making a list, you can put these activities throughout your day depending on your study list and schedule.

2. Make a Schedule
School is overwhelming and there are so many assignments, labs and notes that you need to prepare for. Staying organized is so imperative to your success in school, when you're on top of things you're less likely to be stressed.

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Tips for making a good schedule
- Be realistic, you cannot review all your notes within 15 minutes so allocate more time towards it. You feel better when all the work is done
- Plan around your day and how you feel. If you're super tired in the morning, place your easier assignments of the day towards that time of day and leave the harder assignments for when you're most alert.

3. You Matter
Your mental health matters. Your physical health matters. Your personal relationships matters. DO NOT overlook these components because of school work. You will actually DO BETTER in school if you take care of yourself.
Devote times for breakfast or lunch with your friends, make sure you keep these relationships strong and that you have someone to talk to. When making your schedule be sure to include time for FaceTime or talking on the phone with your friends.

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4. When you look good, You feel good
Taking care of your body both physically and mentally requires a regimen that you stick to. You will do better once your body and mind are taken care of.
Skin Care

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-Your skin care regimen should include a face wash, a toner and a moisturizer.
-Your skin regimen will grow as time goes along to maybe include an exfoliator, mask and serums.
- Do not try and build your regimen too fast and give your body time to adjust to things.

Dress up, you deserve it!
When school becomes overwhelming, we tend to dress down and not put as much thought into our outfits but when you look good it adds happiness and confidence to your day. So DO NOT neglect your outfits.

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Post-secondary is an amazing opportunity to find yourself and learn things you love and become a better person while doing it. Do not neglect yourself over good grades or a perfect GPA.
Take this opportunity to grow and become someone you're proud of !
Above all, learn to love the process not just the results.