"She cried long hours on her knees and would sometimes wishes she could be better. Sometimes she wishes she could turn back time and start all over. As stresses and anxiety come to her life, she struggles to keep moving forward. She starts seeing walls close around her. Her situations seem to haunt her and push her to the ground. And on the ground she lets out a hopeful cry. Her cry reaches the God she once loved. The God whom she had forgotten about. The God she puts aside to let other things come first. And now she found herself crying out to Him. For she remembered that only He could save her.

There He was again right by her side. Her heart pounded in her chest. It was full of pinned up emotions. Full of anxieties. Full of problems and full of regrets. Too much hate, not enough love. Her heart was broken....She could take no more. The Lord forgave her and took her in His arms. As he hugged her, her heart began to steady. Her worries started to leave, and she began to feel his peace. His love started destroying her hate. She realized that it had been to long since she had felt his love. In those sweet moments she fell in loved all over again. His voice brought her back to life. He gently whispered, 'Cast all your anxieties on me', so she did. She placed everything in his hands. She realized that without God she was nothing. She was no one. She would go no where. His mercy found her again, and his mercy would take her everywhere."


Her heart is still and aches for God's sweet voice to speak. In moments when her heart panics, only Hiis voice can steady her ❤️