! there will be spoilers !

If you’re an avid Harry Potter fan, you might recall that at the end of “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2,” the epilogue takes place 19 years later as Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione drop off their children at platform nine and three quarters. That date just so happens to fall on September first, 2017.

In honor of this wrapping up of Potter related events, my good up-for-anything friend Haylia and I decided to watch all eight movies, in one sitting. When you tally up the movies, you have a whopping 19 hours and 39 minutes, not accounting for four minute breaks between each movie, and eleven minutes to make our pizzas. I calculated all this time and planned it to the minute, including which snacks go when.

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This is a minute by minute timeline of our binge watching experience.

Sorcerer's Stone

4:46 pm: It's time. 19 hours and 39 minutes ahead of us.

4:47 pm: to start off our marathon, Haylia thought Harry Potter lived on "Pivot" drive as opposed to "Privet drive." I'm losing it already.

4:51: Daniel Radcliffe was so small. I just want to put him in my Forever 21 clearance purse and carry him around.

5:21 pm: "Holy cricket, you're Harry Potter!" I know right! And he's adorable.

5:25 pm: Currently asking myself if Neville's toad was real. A little grossed out too. Side note: I butchered Neville's name the first time I spelled. What is wrong with me.

5:37 pm: Harry Potter and the Seamus Continuously Blows Things up with Magic Chronicles.

5:42 pm: um can we appreciate how sassy Draco is when he firsts gets on the broom?

6:07 pm: Harry just caught his first snitch and they play that happy music and I'm tearing up. But also then Harry catching the snitch in his mouth is such a big thing in the last book and I'm screaming!!!

6:12 pm: Haylia just pronounced "epitome" as "epp - i - tome" and I'm questioning our friendship.

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6:18 pm: Haylia is crying about Harry seeing his parents in the mirror.

6:24 pm: "I should not have told you that, I should not have told you that." Yes, Hagrid. You shouldn't have told them A LOT of things.

6:29 pm: don't split up! That's how you die in horror movies!!

6:30 pm: they're splitting up. Nobody ever listens to me.

7:02 pm: this movie was ahead of it's time.

7:03 pm: except for the CGI.

Chamber of Secrets

7:52 pm: pizza is fun. Bloating is not.

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8:12 pm: my mom just said we won't be awake after the third movie. Challenge accepted.

8:16 pm: they call the cat Mrs. Norris? Like Chuck Norris?

8:19 pm: the paintings are so opinionated.

8:40 pm: Harry! Why would you show everyone at the school that you're a parcel-mouth?! This is why they kept him under the stairs for ten years.

9:25 pm: who HIRED Lockhart in the first place.

9:50 pm: I just discovered coffee. It's great. It feels like my heart is beating all over my body. (I may or may not be on a caffeine high.)

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Prisoner of Azkaban

10:41 pm: this movie is so happy and then it's not and my emotions are all over the place.

11:19 pm: Ron just called someone a weasel and I'm for sure going to start using that.

11:22 pm: Ron just knocked some kid over and then says "Merry Christmas!"

11:45 pm: I finished my first flower.

12:04 am: entering the AM hours. On our second round of coffee. *evil caffeine driven smile *

12:09 am: poor Buckbeak, he just wants to sleep. I used to aspire to do that also, but now I have coffee.


Goblet of Fire

12:46 am: it's Edward Cullen! *Cedric wink wink *

1:14 am: this movie has such a dark feel I'm scared.

1:33 am: Draco just got stuffed down Crab's pants when Mad-Eye Moody turned him into a ferret and I died.

1:50 am: Ron is like, "why do girls always travel in groups?" And I honestly don't have the answer either.

1:59 am: Harry ballroom dancing at the Yule Ball is making my day.

2:18 am: the mermaid scene is all of my next nightmares.

2:23 am: cup of coffee number three.

2:34 am: Cedric's dad just hugged him goodbye before the maze and I'm upset.

2:41 am: CEDRIC. NOOOOO. Why JK Rowling? Whyyyyyyyyy?

2:53 am: this scene is sad but can we talk about Neville's glo-up?

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3:04 am: I have to pee really bad but it's not the scheduled pee time yet.

Order of the Phoenix

3:23 am: we laid on the ground singing "Feel It Still" so we started one minute behind schedule.

3:26 am: we're playing Harry Potter this or that and Haylia chose Draco over Harry and I gotta Zayn. (Jk ;)

3:52 am: this is the movie where things get DEAD SIRIUS. Too soon. I know.

4:02 am: how much sugar does Umbridge need in that tea.

4:11 am: I feel like Snape just has so much bottled up sass and it's my favorite.

4:22 am: can I be in Dumbledore's Army?

5:09 am: I've been awake for twenty four hours, three more movies to go.

5:19 am: Lucious is so extra with his little wand carrier.

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Half Blood Prince

5:53 am: a man just popped out of a chair and I'm confused.

6:11 am: I think Haylia just drifted off while standing up.

6:24 am: I wish someone wrote notes in my biology book like they did in Harry's potion book.

6:48 am: I'm so proud of Ron! He got to be on the quidditch team like he wanted in the Mirror of Erised.

7:14 am: Ron under the love potion is my new favorite thing.

7:17 am: I think we need more coffee but Haylia says she can't handle anymore.

7:28 am: the sun came up.

7:48 am: remembering why this movie scared the schnitzel out of me when I was little.

7:52 am: I told him not to put his hand in the water but did he listen? Nooooooo. And now Harry and Dumbledore are getting attacked by zombie things.

Deathly Hallows Part 1

8:12 am: Hermione just obliviated her parents and then she disappears from all the photos and my emotions can't take it.

8:10 am: I'm making more coffee.

8:28 am: hedwig just died and it feels like my entire childhood is being destroyed.

8:44 am: Luna Lovegood is a gift to this entire production.

8:58 am: Umbridge has that little "haha" chuckle that's the most vexatious and the most frightening thing I've ever heard.

9:20 am: Harry stop being so mean to Hermione.

9:39 am: I understand that Godrick's Hollow is Harry's home and everything but it's giving me a creepy vibe.

9:46 am: Harry's wand is broken and my childhood is destroyed for the second time today.

10:20 am: Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends!!

Deathly Hallows pt 2

10:32 am: this is so dramatic, I might need more coffee.

10:53 am: I want a dragon, but I want the one from How To Train Your Dragon.

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10:56 am: Hermione, Ron and Harry just climbed out of a lake and then changed shirts and Rupert Grint totally couldn't get his hands through the sleeves it was priceless.

11:01 am: Aberforth is such a negative nancy.

11:08 am: Harry is monologuing and it's amazing.

11:46 am: Harry has lost so many loved ones especially in the final battle I'm feeling extremely sad.

11:58 am: Harry's mom and dad and Sirius and Lupin are there in ghost form when he goes to sacrifice himself and Haylia is crying.

12:10 pm: there's only one horcrux left but I think I might lose my mind before they kill it.

12:14 pm: YES HARRY! YES!

12:18 pm: Mrs. Weasley is mom goals when she blows up Bellatrix.


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♡ ♡ ♡

If you’re thinking of marathon, my tips include…

♡ Start as soon as you wake up! We started at 4:45 pm after a full day of school, and we got sleepy very quick. I was so tired that when I woke up the next day I checked to see if we watched the fifth movie because I could barely remember watching it.

♡ Bring something for your hands to do. We brought a box of kinetic sand, putty, a fidget spinner, and a rubber stress toy thing. It’s so much easier to stay awake and pay attention if you fidget!

♡ Coffee is a thing. This one is self-explanatory.

♡ Plan your snacks! We bought a ton of junk food, which is always fun, and spread it out throughout the movies.

By the end, our total watching experience tallied up to 20 hours and 13 minutes. I have had four cups of coffee, Haylia has had three and neither of us had anything but junk food for the last 24 hours. Are we tired? Yes. Do I have caffeine jitters? Yes. Did I have to get up twice while writing this to splash my face with cold water because I’m so tired? Yes. Have we just dismounted a 20-hour rollercoaster of complex characters, nostalgic childhood memories, and intense emotional twists and turns? Hell yes.