As I started to exercise I wanted to start to eat helthier, so I started to cook my school lunches the night before and I started to buy healthier food everytime I go grocery shopping. I make this recipes when I´m hungry, when I finish my exercise, or for my school lunches.

1°- Strawberry Banana Smoothie

1 medium Banana
3-4 frozen strawberries
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 cup of milk
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp cocoa or chocolate protein powder (if you want to grow your muscle)
and for sweetness I like to add a bag of stevia or a tbsp of natural honey. At the top I put some granola.

2°- Vegetables Salad

half chopped potato
half grated carrot
a fist of spinach
1/4 chopped tomatoe
1/4 chopped onion
half chopped zucchini

put some coconut oil on a pan and put all the ingredients and mix them. When served I like to add a little of cheese, but it´s completely optional.

3°- Peanut butter sandwich
The tittle says it all but I like to add a small chopped banana and chia seeds

4°- Carrot chips

2-3 carrots
a pinch of salt
butter ( I usually cut a little square of butter, but you can put as you want. Remember that if you put a lot it wouldn't be healthy anymore)

Cut the carrots like little sticks, put the other ingredients scattered on the carrots and then put them on the electric oven for 10 minutes. If they aren't soft enought for your taste put them on the electric oven for other 5 minutes and enjoy.

I hope you try my recipes and I hope that you like them as much as I do.