Unsafe - a BTS AU, Chapter 1


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"My life has always been a mess,
Once I finally became eighteen, i decided to move somewhere else, far from the hell I used to live in.

My parents? they never cared too much.
Actually my father was the one who raised me, at least he tried to, the best he could...
my mother was just there, breathing the same air but without doing anything, always giving me the feeling of emptiness, she was just like a ghost in our home.... leading me to feel that she was hiding something, some secret that i was not supposed to know...

Anyway, I wish i had something else to say about them...
I really miss them, that's all I can say. I've spent eighteen years of my life by their side... it all went too fast

Everything was perfect, we used to be the almost perfect family
until my dad got fired from his job as a policeman after accidentally killing an innocent person... it wasn't his fault,
I was 15 back then and i still think about it...
My mother after hearing the news, nearly asked for a divorce, became really depressed, and stopped caring about everything, about her family... about me...

Anyway, what matters the most is that both of them aren't in this world anymore, they passed away before i could even see them again...

It happened the day i came back home after living three years in Europe. Visiting them was supposedly going to be a surprise for them.

I left the airport straight to home. It was getting dark.

When I arrived.
I went up the stairs and grabbed the keys to open the door... and damn, it was unlocked.
Once i got i inside i couldn't do anything but gasp in horror.
All the furniture was everywhere, all over the room, broken glass... and random red stains on the floor.
I felt a lump in my thoat when i realised it was bloo.d

I went up the wooden stairs as fast as I could and opened my parent’s room's door.

That's when i saw them, both of them laying on the floor, bleedin.g... i wasn't expecting this at all, i started crying and screaming for help...

-Shhh, keep it quiet please, honey!

My father was still alive.

-Who did this? Oh my god, Tell me!!

I tried to help him stand up but he refused.

-I can't believe you're back! Please, i can't move, please remember that i love you, your mother loved you too, she told me that before she…

My sight was getting all blurry from the tears
and my voice was shaking.

-Please! tell me who did this to you!! I'm going to kill them!! I'll get the gun!!

-All you have to do now is get the hell out, this psycho could be back in any moment... and has the gun you're looking for.

Remember that we love you, save yourself, get out before someone sees you.

He handed me a little box and quickly i put it inside of my bag.

-I'll leave, but i'm going to get help, i'm not leaving both of you here...

I ran as fast as i could.
When i got to the doorway i saw a manly figure going upstairs holding a lighter in his right hand.
I tried to hide and succeeded. Seconds later, i saw fire coming from my parent's room....

I got inside my dad's old car and started driving, sure i was going to get a speeding fine... but of course it wasn’t the moment to care about it.

Through the rear view mirror i saw a man, probably the same i saw before. His face was hidden behind a Scream mask with bloo.d all over it. He got out of the house and jumped inside a black van which disappeared into the darkness of the rainy night...

I was driving so fast and it was so dark i didn't realize where I was actually going.

I heard the abrupt braking of a car right in front of me, which caused me to lose control and crash against it.


-Is she going to be fine, doctor?

Suddenly i heard an unknown voice asking about me, it was so smooth.

-Her head is going to hurt a little, she didn't suffer anything serious but might not remember some things, she can come back home now but still needs to rest, i recommend she stays in bed at least until tomorrow...

Another voice, that’s Dr. Miles, i recognize his voice from that health tv show he hosts...

-Thank you.

Wait, there were two guys in the room, apart from the doctor... what? Why?

After saying this, the doctor left the room.

I wasn't dead at least, i couldn't move from the pain though but i could hear everything, the voices, those creepy a.ss beeping machines of the hospital, even the rain which probably started after I got here... And yeah, the last thing i remember is being inside of the car and.... oh, what was my name again?....

-She’s pretty… I wonder what she was doing, driving so fast at night. I’m actually worried, bro, what if something happened to her before the crash?

A car crash?

-I’m not sure, Tae, should we bring her home? I don’t know where she lives and we can’t ask her anything right now…

-There were bags inside of the car when we found her. I put them inside of ours, just in case.


I suddenly opened my eyes, there were literally two -actually good looking- guys right there.

-Chim, dude, look! she woke up!... sorry I’m loud, Hi, how do you feel?

Lowering the tone of his voice, curving a smile, he seemed a good guy, like he was really worried about me, maybe more than his friend...

But still, who were they?

I’m so confused right now, what the hell happened? All I remember is me driving really fast.. I don't know why... and then feeling the blinding white lights of the hospital’s ceiling and….

-No, wait, who the hell are you?

I didn’t realize I moved so fast my body started to ache again.

-Let’s go home, I’ll explain everything once we get there.

After that we got inside a luxurious black car...

this guy "Chim" started to drive, the other one sat next to me in the back of the car. I didn't even notice he was holding me in some kind of hug.... but I didn't say a word

"You still need to sleep, rest your head on my shoulder and try to sleep, we still have some time before getting home... ah, by the way... I'm Taehyung, you can call me Tae"
said the light-brown haired guy giving me a warm smile.

I know I should be feeling terribly scared in this kind of situation but not at all though, I felt different...

I looked through the rearview mirror and saw the focused eyes of the black haired guy who was driving.

I couldn't stop staring at him, although it was hard to see his face because of the darkness of the night and the street lights, you could still tell the boy had a godlike face, both of them looked unreal....

Am I still alive? am I in heaven?

I had to look down because of the embarrassment after I realised he was looking back at me through the mirror... his gaze was cold, senseless, I felt like I was being stabbed for a second...

But most of all he looked tired, I couldn't blame him, though

Whatever had happened... must've been hard for them... I wish I could remember...

-Tae, man, don't scare her, let her sleep, tomorrow you ask everything you want to know.

His deep voice brought me back to reality, making me blink twice.

The other one pouted.
I looked back at him.
He laughed so softly almost sounding like a sigh.

It didn't took too long before I fell asleep again... resting my head on the tall boy's shoulder.

To Be Continued...