there are so many things that could have been between you and i. i guess that the fool here was me for trusting what you said to me. you told me you loved me, and that we were going to be together forever. and here we are now, you, happy with my heart in your hands, playing with it and then there is me... crying... heartbroken.
i can´t believe i actually fell for you, i always thought of the possibilty of you and me together as something that will never happen but then you told me all this things and acted different with me. the way we hugged, we talked, the fooled around was so much different than how it used to be, it was something more, it felt real, at least to me.
i guess i wasn´t as important to you, you left me there, alone after you promised to be there for me, you assured me that you will never leave me but you did.
i gave you my heart and you toyed with it. even when i told you to stop you kept doing it.
and here i am, with nothing more than an old sweatshit of yours to remind me of how you played me, to remind me that even if you don´t love me i do love you....