I watch a considerable amount of tv shows so i thought i should share my some of my faves..

13 reasons why,
it is a very very known show, and it is very controversial. I do recommend it though because i think it does educate people about the huge problem that is suicide, that i think is not talked about nearly enough.

it is a Netflix series about a young woman struggling to find out what she wants to do with her life, she also doesn't ant to end up doing something boring. she starts an independent project, but she struggles with people who belittle and don't take her seriously for her gender. she also struggles with romantic problems.

I love love loveee this show. Though if you are looking for something historically accurate this is not your show. It centers around Mary Stuart, queen of Scotts, her life in France, and the allegiance between Scotland and France. It shows you the troubles and secrets of royalty. It also shows romantic and political troubles.

The Royals,
this is a veryy underrated show that i love. it is about a fictional royal family that seems perfect on the outside, but is far from it inside caste doors. there is the rebellious princess Eleanor who lives a life full of sex, drugs and alcohol. Then there is her playboy twin Liam who takes advantage of being one of the most famous eligible bachelors, untillll........ his older bother dies, which makes him next in line to the throne.

this isn't even half of my list but i decided that this is enough for a short little list that has a mix of different TV shows with a nice (I think) description. Thank you for reading and pls tell me if you want more, 'cause trusttttt me, I have a lot more.
(edit:part 2 is posted!)