I often latch onto things to keep myself going and avoid stress... here's what helped me in August 2017:

1. Harry Styles's new music
2. Having cute school supplies
3. Ballet (both watching and doing)
4. Children's television (MLP, Sofia the First, Elena of Avalor)
5. My friends (NEVER underestimate a good friend's ability to pick you up, or a group chat of friends rallying around you.)
6. Thinking about decorating my dorm next year (I'm a high school senior)
7. My new wave ring
8. My guinea pig's birthday (His name is Dragon, he's 6 now... that's like 75 in human years)
9. Cleaning my room (nothing like a good stress clean)
10. Family trip to the beach (I love the ocean, the boardwalk, the cute guys,,,,,)

These things helped me a lot with stress and anxiety. If you want to try any of these, I suggest going for Harry's new music, cleaning your room, and/or spending time with your friends. I realize things like a guinea pig's bday and family trips aren't exactly universal lol.

So uh, did you guys like this? Should I do a list every month? Please let me know :)