Hey everybody! Is your girl Calisto here!
Call me crazy, but I have the key to be happy!

Steps to follow:

1) Always be yourself
Never, never, never act fake in front of anybody. That doesn't look good in any aspect! People will love you for the way you are and not for someone you are not.

2) Smile a lot!
People are attracted to the ones who smile the most, that inspires confidence. I mean, a smile is the most beautiful accesory you can wear! Trust me.

3) Worry less
I know we all worry about a lot of things: school, college, boyfriend/girlfriend, family, ourselves, future. But, hey, if you spend most of your time worrying, you are going to have gray hair!
Once in a while, take your time and relax. Treat yo' self. Go for a walk, have spay day in your home, eat as much candies as you want, binge-watch your fav series or movies. You are too young to be worried about everything!

4) Don't care what others say/think about you
This point is attached to #3. Make those comments the last thing you think at the end of the day. Or don't even think about them. Others opinions should not be a priority to you. Only accept constructive critics and compliments.

If you follow this simple steps you'll discover the Key to be so happy that nobody can pull you out of your throne!

Go and be happy!
You deserve it

Remember, Calisto Baby (yup, that's me) loves you!!

I hope you liked my very first article! :) I'm here to make everyone happy as they deserve <3 Btw: I'm thinking in writing a short story about fantasy/love/etc. What do you guys think? Let me know!