play "Gravity" by EDEN
play "Afterlife" by XYLO

I want to jump. You don't understand.
It's an itch, a burning sensation at the back of my mind, day in and day out, screaming at me.
I am this girl, always on the edge looking down. I stare at my hands because I know just how destructive they could be. I'm scared of my own thoughts because I know just what I'm capable of.
Breaking my mother's heart.
Disappointing the few friends I have.

I imagine a boy seeing me like this, mid-battle with myself. A stranger to me, and I to him. But he puts aside his reluctance- or maybe he doesn't feel it at all- and in slow motion he runs to me. I let gravity take me, but feel a tight grip around an arm and I am pulled into safe arms. Maybe we fall breathless to the floor of the roof. And maybe I hate him for pulling me back into my misery, but what if he stayed and made life bearable?

I dream of someone saving me. Every day new scenarios... that never come true.