Your first love is one you will never forget. It's the scariest but the sweetest. Being so naive and clueless either makes you vulnerable or cautious. There are so many ways a first love story can be written. It can end in disaster and heartbreak or it can last for a lifetime if it's perfect enough. But no love story is perfect. Love is supposed to be unconditional. Bound by trust and laced with lust. But along with the glory and bliss should come the pain and doubt. You should remember the times you wanted him to kiss you with every nerve, every fiber, and every molecule of your body. Remember your "first times" because they can't be rewritten. Remember the nights you stayed up all night hoping you crossed his mind. Appreciate the time he made your face red and your heart skip a beat. Appreciate the feeling when you held his hand for the first time and never wanted to let go. But don't be afraid to accept the fact that nothing lasts forever. Know that there is a difference between someone saying they love you and them actually loving you. But live and love like there is no tomorrow.