Let me tell you a story,
of once upon a time,
outside our world,
there was a man:

The Man of the Moon,
who lived so close,
yet so very far.

He stared at the stars,
laying on the ground,
watching day by day
our earth go round and round.

He built a house,
which didn`t feel like home,
cause in the dark at night,
the lights of his real world
would wake his pain again,
as he counted one more day.

The time passed,
as slow as it could,
and the Moon grew cold,
and the man grew old.

The time passed,
enough to forget,
forget his wife,
forget his name,
forget the way
his own face expressed.

The Man of the Moon,
lived the loneliest of lives,
having his home
right in front his eyes,
yet so close,
yet so far,
day by day,
round and round.

Image by AlondraAreli
Temporarily removed
stars, galaxy, and sky image